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Hello and welcome to my place! My name is Alex Tselegidis and I am a software developer from Greece, currently living in Bremen. I have been working as a programmer since I was 15 and have spent countless hours of imagining, solving and planning things that come in my way. I am always very serious with what I do and my ambitions are always high as to never let myself down. All I am looking forward is the next project.

I'm currently a senior developer at Gambio GmbH, an innovative software company that powers one of the greatest e-commerce platforms available in Germany. But that's not all of it as I also undertake projects as a freelancer!

Today's possibilities are just endless. There are tools and utilities that enable developers to create cutting-edge apps that can run in browsers, desktop or mobile devices in extremely low time. If you find this interesting take a look in the sections the other sections of this page.

Things I Love

Below there are some tools I work with at the time being. There are also other many others that are important to my work flow but this isn't supposed to be a big list anyway. Check out my GitHub profile for more information about my Open Source projects.

NodeJS React Redux Relay GraphQL Mocha Gulp Yeoman Webpack Browserify Bootstrap PostCSS jQuery Phaser PHP PhpStrom Laravel CodeIgniter Atom Sublime Vagrant Android SDK Ubuntu


During all these years I have taken part into a big variety of projects, some as a hobbyist, some academic, some from my previous employments and some as a freelancer but these are the ones that I would like to share with you. Kinda shows the different stages I went through until today.


This is the most important project that I have in my portfolio at the time being. It was developed for my BSc Thesis and is still maintained as an offer to the generous open source community. The project is translated into 21 languages and is used from offices, doctors, embassies, massage & cosmetic salons and a big variety of companies.

Check it out at

Although I still develop this project I also undertake customizations as a freelancer. Consider sending me a message about the required modifications and we can discuss the available solutions.


Infobox is a desktop CRM application that can manage efficiently all your business needs. The application includes a full-featured organizer, a complete customer transactions system and a clever utility for creating custom print reports from all the database information. Infobox was developed on behalf of Action Computers (GR) for public distribution in Greece. You can find more information in the following address:


AppHold is a web system that aims to track the licensing and error state of public distributed applications. It contains a web management center and a web service that communicates with the client executables and enables a company to manage remotely their customers' software licenses. AppHold is currently being used by the Infobox project for monitoring the application's licensing properties and its error report events. It will be used for future projects as well. An open source version of the core might become available soon.


Since 2009 I have worked with many companies and professionals about projects that mainly had to do with public re-presentation in the web. Some of them were static HTML5 websites and others full-featured CMS installations with custom plugins and unique themes designed from scratch, in order to achieve better results. In addition, I had also built desktop programs and utilities that enhanced the intern workflow of former clients. The last years I tend to work more and more with the Node.js ecosystem which has by far more possibilites for rapid application development. Tools like Electron, React Native, Ionic and Apache Cordova enable me to develop apps that run natively in desktop or mobile devices.


During my bachelor studies I developed along with other students some projects that are worth noticing. I got to learn a lot of interesting stuff including how to lead a team of programmers and organize them in order to meet strict deadlines. Co-operation and organization play an important role for successfully achieving the team's goals. Some of the projects where simple 2D Arcade Games, Database applications, and scientific calculations (using MatLab or similar simulation tools). In September 2012 I was accepted by Sigma Solutions to fulfil my academic internship. During the 7 months in the company, I got involved into many projects and technologies, most of them in the web domain. There were situations were I started and completed the project by myself, some that required collaboration with fellow developers of the company and some that needed technical support on several issues that might appear. This experience got me into a competitive business workflow that needed high standard results for the final solutions.

Coming Soon

I think that by now I've made it clear that I love programming. That includes programming in my free time (yes I know it's never enough). For that reason I have created the BigBlackCode team with dear friends in order to produce open source magic. Here are some projects that are coming soon.


The ultimate online riddles game is under development and will be released soon online. The player will progress through the different levels by answering correctly original riddles, thought and tested by our team. The game platform will be released with an open source license. You can check the development progress on GitHub.


An HTML5 arcade game in space where the player has to protect his spaceship from the vicious enemies. The game will be responsive and mobile-friendly and it will feature unique gameplay mechanics for the web standards. Check the progress of the game on GitHub.

Mind Escape

Made for puzzle lovers and hidden object seekers Mind Escape will be a combination of all the elements we like in escape games along with some very interesting features, targeted for Android devices. The game concept is ready but the development was halted until more time is available from all team members.

Hire Me

Enough talking, let's get to work! You are more than welcome to send me an email with your ideas, plans or questions. Together we can make up a plan without any fee restrictions.