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About Alex Tselegidis Hello and welcome to my place! My name is Alex Tselegidis and I am a software engineer from Greece. I have been working as a programmer for the past 15+ years and have spent countless hours of imagining, solving and planning things that come in my way. I am always very serious with what I do and my ambitions are always high as to never let myself down. All I am looking forward is the next project.

Today's possibilities are endless Today's possibilities are just endless. With the right skills and tools developers can create memorable experiences and cutting edge solutions that can run in browsers, desktop or mobile devices in zero time. If you find this interesting continue reading the other sections of this site and learn about how tech help you become more efficient.

Working through the years Having worked with companies for that long, I have specialized into helping professionals reach their ultimate goals and explore all the possibilities beyond them. Always being open for discussion and brainstorming sessions, feel free to reach out with your inquiry and get started with your own project asap.

Things I Love

Using the best tools for the right task enable the best outcome. Below you will find a list of some of the most proven tools there are to use right now at the development landscape. Make sure you visit my github profile for more information about my toolchain and development workflow.

Android SDK Atom Basecamp Bootstrap CodeIgniter Docker Drawio Elastcsearch Gambio Gatsby Ghost Gimp Github Gitlab GraphQL Gulp Inkscape iOS JavaScript Jest jQuery Laravel Material Design Meteor Mobx Mocha MongoDB MySQL NodeJS OctoberCMS Opencart Parcel Phaser PHP PhpStrom PostCSS Postman React Native React Redux Sass Semantic UI Slack Sublime Swagger Trello Typescript Ubuntu Vagrant Visual Studio Code Webpack Windows Woocommerce Wordpress Xamarin Xcode Yeoman


During all these years I have been involved into a huge variety of projects, covering vast spectrum of software engineering. This section explains different aspects of my professional activities, providing more insight on the projects, collaborations and communities I am involved.


For more than 15 years I have been working with many companies and professionals on successful projects that boosted productivity and conversion rates. From full featured applications to complex system integrations, e-commerce, CRM, CMS, ERP or any other platform the outcome was always above expectations. Original ideas and agile procedures improved collaboration experience and lead to the creation of robust software.

Feel free to send me your inquiries. Together we can elaborate on new ideas, design concepts and integration scenarios that lead to successful software projects. Start your new project today!

Open Source

Open source projects are one of the best thing in the human history, featuring some of the biggest collaborations ever. The knowledge, the expertise and the communities backing up top-notch solutions are beyond compare and being part of an ecosystem like this is something every individual should consider joining, since together we can do better.

I maintain a plethora of open source project and contribute as much as possible to third party ones. Take a look at my github profile for mor information about my contributions.


Combining resources and figuring out solutions to problems for many years quickly lead to finding new paths that are not yet explored. With the last years being overly productive, I have already set on a path of creating new startup projects that aim to provide the right assets for everyone to use. Many projects successfully emerged and new ones are being in the works.


Through the years I had and still have the privilege to have been working with the best companies and professionals, featuring some of the big players of the IT market in various countries.

I am always open for new concepts and challenges, so you are more than welcome to send your collaboration proposals.


This section contains some of most successful projects I produced along with newer entries with great potential. Unfortunately it is not possible to mention all the projects I have worked on, so do not hesitate to get in touch with me for more information about my portfolio.



Originally developed for my final university thesis project, it quickly evolved to a successful scheduling platform with an awesome open community counting thousands of installations over the years. Check it out at

Using Easy!Appointments and need professional support or customizations? Let me know of your inquiry and get the best experience tailored to your needs.



A web service that provides the most flexible wizard, allowing anyone to generate a professional logo with a few clicks. Designed with simplicity in mind, Logogrind uses a powerful AI in its core to come up with designs that suit your taste. Use the sophisticated wizard and generate your logos today at



This open source project started from the need to have a simple and stable note taking application everyone can trust. Although note taking is a trivia thing in these modern times, not many services can keep up with the power and flexibility a self hosted platform provides. Find out more on how to setup your own installation at



With more services and infrastructure pumping out every day there are only few things done for automated collaboration between them. Integravy aims to be the tool that can orchestrate, connect and configure them. All that by providing a simple interface for users to work with. The project is still under development but it is planned to be released soon, so stay tuned for more updates at



Infobox is a desktop CRM application that can manage efficiently all your business needs. The application includes a full-featured organizer, a complete customer transactions system and a clever utility for creating custom print reports from all the database information. Infobox is publicly distributed in the greek market by Action Computers (GR). More information can be found at



AppHold is a cloud platform managing the licensing of publicly distributed applications. It also has telemetry features that enable businesses support huge loads of events registered from their clients. AppHold is currently being used by the Infobox project.

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