Note Taking Made Simple

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Why Plainpad?

Plainpad is a self hosted, open source note taking application that is very easy to setup on your server. Your data will never leave your server and you will be able to access them from any device connected to the internet.

Self hosted note taking

With Plainpad you can allow multiple users to access the application without being able to see each other's notes. The notes are being encrypted and stored safely in the database.

Made with simplicity in mind Plainpad feels directly familiar, with the right actions placed in the right positions you will only have to concentrate on the content.

All the contents and notes are being encrypted before being stored so that the maximum security is guaranteed. Only the note owners are able to access the notes in a readable form.

The installation is pretty simple and only requires a web server with PHP and MySQL configured.

Being an PWA application, Plainpad will give you access to your notes even when are offline. Changes will be synced once you get back online.

Customized Builds

Customized Builds

Get the most out of Plainpad by opting for a customized build. Define the requirements and order a tailored solution that completely suits your business needs.