Get Involved

Being an open source project, Plainpad is interchangeably connected to its community. Anyone can become part of the evolution of the project and help in the creation of high quality features.

get involved


With collaboration mainly taking place on GitHub, pull requests are are welcome. Please ensure that you follow the coding guidelines before submitting new code to the project.


One of the most important goals of Plainpad is performance and stability which means that quality assurance has to ensure that problematic cases never reach production instances. Every release has an Alpha and Beta stage that aims to eliminate any underlying issues.


Everything you might suggest about the project will be taken into concern and is highly appreciated. Your ideas of new features and enhancements are very important and will help Plainpad become even better.


You are more than welcome to help with the translation progress of the user interface. The application is already translated into a big variety of languages but as new features are added new strings need to be translated. You can send your translations with a pull request in GitHub or per email to